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First time users must enter their User ID and personalize their password. The password supplied is valid for this one use only.

Existing users with password resets, must change their password before entering the system. Carefully enter the information requested below and click “OK” to continue.

• Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length.
• Passwords must contain at least one letter: a - z or A - Z
• Passwords must contain at least one number: 0 - 9
• Passwords must contain at least one special character
  • $ @ # . < + | & ! * - % _ > ? =
• Passwords cannot contain repeating characters or series of characters
  • Examples: aaa, bbb, 123, 456, etc.
• Users cannot re-use their previous 32 passwords.
• Passwords must be changed every 60 days.
If you are having trouble with your ID, password or access to this web site, please contact Merchant Support at 877-217-9706. When contacting Merchant Support, you will need to know your User ID and Security Code for assistance.

If you do not have a User ID and Password or have forgotten your password, please contact Merchant Support at 877-217-9706.

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